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Seat Intake

Sl.No Courses of Studies / Hons. Subjects General SC(22%) ST(6%) OBC-A(10% or less for this year) OBC-B(7% or less this year)
1Bengali (Hons.)4318586
2English (Hons.)67267128
3Pol. Science (Hons.)3915475
4History (Hons.)3915475
5Economics (Hons.)126232
6Hindi (Hons.)3915475
7Urdu (Hons.)5020596
8Sanskrit (Hons.)2711354
9Geography (Hons.)2711354
10Philosophy (Hons.)167232
11Physics (Hons.)198242
12Mathematics (Hons.)3012364
13Chemistry (Hons.)167232
14Zoology (Hons.)198242
15Accounting (Hons.)71298139
16Taxation (Hons.)2711354
17BA Program302121335539
18BSC Program3915475
19BCOM (Program)71298139

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