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Sl.No. Faculty Name Topic Date Download
1Dr. Sreenita GhoshAdrenal Gland Sem-IILink
2Dr. Sreenita GhoshWater Vascular System in Asteriodea-Sem-IILink
3Dr. Sreenita GhoshAscaris Lumbricoides-Sem-IVLink
4Dr. Sreenita GhoshEvolution of horse-SemVILink
5Dr. Sriparna RayEvolution of horse-SemVILink
6Dr. Sriparna RayMolecular Evolution-Sem-VILink
7Dr. Sriparna RayPopulation Genetics-Sem-VILink
8Dr. Sreenita GhoshPearl Formation-Sem-IILink
9Dr. Sreenita GhoshRespiration In Molluscus-Sem-IILink
10Dr. Sriparna RayAction Potential and Resting Potential-CC4Link
11Ms. Sagarika MukherjeePituitary Gland-Sem-II (Hons)Link
12Ms. Sagarika MukherjeeConservation of Wild life by Captive Breeding-Sem-VI-ProgramLink
13Dr. Sriparna RayCardiac Cycle-CC4Link
14Dr. Sriparna RayCounter Current Mechanism-CC4Link
15Dr. Sriparna RayDigestion and Absorption of Lipid-CC4Link
16Dr. Sriparna RayDigestion and Absorption of Protein-CC4Link
17Dr. Sriparna RayDigestion and Absorption of Carbohydrate-CC4Link
18Dr. Sriparna RaySynaptic Transmission-CC4Link
19Dr. Sriparna RayMechanism of Muscle Contraction-CC4Link
20Ms. Nibedita Kar KarmakarLake Ecosystem-Sem-VILink
21Ms. Nibedita Kar KarmakarMarine Banthic-SemVILink
22Ms. Nibedita Kar KarmakarOcean Peladic-SemVILink
23Ms. Nibedita Kar KarmakarWater Management-Lake Morphometry-Sem-VILink
24Ms. Sagarika MukherjeeExternal Fertilization-Sem II-ProgramLink
25Ms. Sagarika MukherjeeDown Syndrome-Sem II-ProgramLink
26Dr. Sreenita GhoshSchistosoma haematobium-SemVILink
27Dr. Sreenita GhoshTaenia Sodium-Sem VILink
28Dr. Sreenita GhoshComponents of mammalian blood-Sem-IILink
29Dr. Sreenita GhoshEvolution of Coelom-Sem-IILink
30Dr. Sreenita GhoshPancreas Gland-Sem-IILink
31Dr. Sreenita GhoshThyroid Gland-Sem-IILink
32Ms. Sagarika MukherjeeCleavage and its pattern-Sem-II ProgramLink
33Ms. Nibedita Kar KarmakarBacterial Transposons-Sem-VILink
34Ms. Nibedita Kar KarmakarMolecular mechanisms of crossing over-Sem-VI-CC-13Link
35Ms. Nibedita Kar KarmakarVision in Arthopoda-Sem-IILink
36Ms. Nibedita Kar KarmakarRespiration in Arthopoda-Sem-IILink
37Ms. Sagarika MukherjeeSex Determination Sem VILink
38Ms. Sagarika Mukherjeecomparative Anatomy of Heart Structure Sem II (Prog)Link
39Ms. Nibedita Kar KarmakarSignal Transduction Sem IILink
40Ms. Sagarika MukherjeeEarly Development of Frog - Sem II(Prog)Link

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