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Sl.No. Faculty Name Topic Date Download
1Dr. Amrita BanerjeeRegional Integration in South Asia-Sem VILink
2Dr. Amrita BanerjeeRegional System in South Asia-Sem VILink
3Dr. Amrita BanerjeeComperative Constitutional System Unit-I Sem-IILink
4Dr. Amrita BanerjeeUnderstanding of British Monarch-Sem-IILink
5Dr. Amrita BanerjeeComperative Constitutional System-The Cabinet-Sem-IILink
6Dr. Amrita BanerjeeComperative Constitutional System-Bengali Version Sem-IILink
7Dr. Amrita BanerjeeUnderstanding South Asia-Bengali version-Sem-VILink
8Dr. Amrita BanerjeeSAARC-Regional Integration in South Asia-Bengali VersionLink
9Dr. Amrita BanerjeeLOCKE-Natural rights and property-Sem-IVLink
10Dr. Amrita BanerjeeConcept of General Will-Rousseau-Sem-IVLink
11Dr. Amrita BanerjeeHegel-Dialectics and State-Sem-IVLink
12Dr. Amrita BanerjeeHobbes-Materialism Human Nature and Sovereignty-Sem-IVLink
13Dr. Amrita BanerjeeMarx and Engels on Dialectical and historical Materialism-Sem-IVLink
14Dr. Amrita BanerjeeJudiciary in UK (Britain)-SemIILink
15Dr. Amrita BanerjeeJ.S.Mill on Utilitarianism and liberalism-SemIVLink
16Dr. Amrita BanerjeeBentham on Utilitarianism-Sem-IVLink
17Dr. Amrita BanerjeeNature of Indian Federalism-Union-State relation-Sem-IVLink
18Dr. Amrita BanerjeeUnion legislature Rajya and Lok sabha composition, function, Speaker-Sem IVLink
19Dr. Amrita BanerjeeThe judiciary Supreme court and High court composition, function-Sem IVLink
20Dr. Amrita BanerjeeExecutive(UK) The Prime Minister-Sem-IILink
21Dr. Amrita BanerjeeLegislature in UK-Sem-II14-07-2020Link
22Dr. Amrita BanerjeeRights of the Citizens of UK, USA and PRC-Sem-II14-07-2020Link
23Dr. Amrita BanerjeeJudiciary of UK, USA and PRC-Sem-II17-07-2020Link
24Dr. Amrita BanerjeeVivekanandas Ideal Society-Bengali version-Sem-III07-12-2020Link
25Dr. Amrita BanerjeeVivekanandas Ideal Society-English-Sem-III07-12-2020Link
26Dr. Amrita BanerjeeBasic theory of public administration-Sem-V07-12-2020Link

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