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Black Board of  Physics Department

Sl.No. Faculty Name Topic Date Download
1Dr. Saumen ChakrabortyIntegrated Circuit-Module-1, Paper-Digital Electronics, Sem-IV, KNULink
2Dr. Saumen ChakrabortyPower Supply-Paper-Physics of Devices and Instrument, Sem-VI, KNULink
3Dr. Goutam MukherjeeStatistical PhysicsLink
4Dr. Goutam MukherjeeStatistical PhysicsLink
5Dr. Goutam MukherjeeStatistical PhysicsLink
6Sri. Ajay Kumar SharmaClassical dynamics-Relativity-Semester VILink
7Dr. Saumen ChakrabortyMath Method-II Lab-Algorithm and Flowchart-Sem IILink
8Mr. Apurba ParamanikApplied Optics-Matrix Method-Sem VILink
9Sri. Ajay Kumar SharmaClassical dynamics-Relativity(part-II)-Semester VILink
10Dr. Saumen ChakrabortyProgram in C-Language-Sem-II, Math method LabLink
11Sri. Ajay Kumar SharmaClassical dynamics-Calculus of Variation-Semester VILink
12Mr. Apurba ParamanikAdvance Optics-Aberration-Sem-VILink
13Sri. Ajay Kumar SharmaClassical dynamics-Small Oscillations-Semester VILink
14Mr. Apurba ParamanikAdvance Optics-Eyepiece-Sem-VILink
15Dr. Saumen ChakrabortyBipolar Junction Transistor-3rd Sem, C-925-11-2020Link

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