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Black Board of  Chemistry Department

Sl.No. Faculty Name Topic Date Download
1Dr. Sujit Kr. BeraLink
2Dr. Samim AkhtarOrganic chemistry-III, Molecular rearrangements and Named Reactions, Core-VILink
3Dr. Tapan Kr. SiMagnetochemistry-Semester VILink
4Dr. Tapan Kr. SiCrystal Field Theory-Semester VILink
5Dr. Sujit Kr. BeraMagnetism-SemVILink
6Dr. Kanika GhoshDynamic Stereochemistry-Sem VILink
7Dr. Sujit Kr. BeraErrors in Chemical Analysis-SemVILink
8Dr. Pradip Kr. MajiDynamic Stereochemistry-Sem VILink
9Dr. Sujit Kr. BeraM O TheoryLink
10Dr. Kanika GhoshElectron displacement in molecules19-06-2021Link
11Dr. Kanika GhoshOxidation and Reduction29-06-2021Link
12Dr. Kanika GhoshAmino Acids30-06-2021Link
13Dr. Kanika GhoshProetin- Synthesis and Analysis09-07-2021Link
14Dr. Kanika GhoshTransition Metals09-07-2021Link
15Dr. Kanika GhoshPetroleum and Petrochemical Industry11-07-2021Link

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