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Department of Zoology

The Department of Zoology in Bidhan Chandra College, Asansol, started its journey from 2003. Currently the department offers both Honours and Program courses in Zoology under the semester based CBCS system and is under the affiliation of Kazi Nazrul University. The department has currently four faculty members all of whom are experienced and seriously dedicated to teaching of the subject.
This department boosts of a well-furnished laboratory with all the necessary scientific laboratory equipment, v.i.z. 6 compound light microscopes, 10 simple microscopes, colorimeter, centrifuge machine, microtome machine, pH meter, haemocytometer, hot water bath, turbidity meter,two incubators and necessary glass goods. The department has a complete set of specimens according to the prescribed curriculum with proper preservation andalsoa satisfying stock of dissectible specimens. The chemical stock is adequate and properly maintained. The department provides both authentic and digital classroom teaching via the prevalent as well as e learning methods with fully computerised smart board. The whole ambience is students friendly and the department is proud of a significantly high teacher to student ratio. The faculty takes individual care of the students,both the meritorious as well as the weaker ones. Besides study the department enthusiastically encourages the students to participate in various cocurricular and social activities for an all-round development.

Image Faculty Name Qualification Designation Profile
Dr. Sreenita GhoshM. Sc., M. Phil., Ph. DSACTLink
Dr. Sriparna RayM. Sc., Ph. DSACTLink
Ms. Nibedita Kar KarmakarM. Sc., M. PhilSACTLink
Ms. Sagarika MukherjeeM.ScSACTLink