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Sl.No. Faculty Name Topic Download
1Mr. Suvendu SahaNon allignment movement-Sem-VILink
2Mr. Suvendu SahaImportance of Non Allignment movement-Sem-VILink
3Mr. Suvendu SahaKushan Age-Sem-IILink
4Mr. Suvendu SahaAsiar Mukti Sangram-SemVILink
5Mr. Suvendu SahaA note on controversy about the date of accession of KanishkaLink
6Mr. Suvendu SahaShunga rule after downfall of Mauryans-SemIILink
7Mr. Suvendu SahaAfricar jatiyo mukti sangram-Sem-VILink
8Mr. Suvendu SahaLatin americar jatiyo mukti sangram-Sem-VILink
9Mr. Suvendu SahaTrade and commerce of Kushan ageLink
10Mr. Suvendu SahaRelation with Soviet Russia SEM VILink
11Mr. Suvendu SahaLocal Organization of the third World SAARCLink
12Mr. Suvendu SahaRelation between Soviet Union and Czechosolovakia -Sem VILink
13Mr. Suvendu SahaRelation between Soviet Union and Yugoslavia - Sem VILink
14Mr. Suvendu SahaLocal Organization of the third World ASEAN - Sem VILink
15Mr. Suvendu SahaHungery Crisis-Sem-VILink
16Mr. Suvendu SahaPolish Crisis-Sem-VILink
17Mr. Suvendu SahaSuez Crisis-Sem-VILink
18Mr. Suvendu SahaAchievements of Satvahana rulersLink
19Mr. Suvendu SahaSatavahana Administration-Sem-IILink
20Mr. Suvendu SahaSmall introduction of Satavahana Period-Sem-IILink
21Mr. Suvendu SahaSocial and Economical condition of Satavahana period-Sem-IILink
22Mr. Suvendu SahaReligious, literature and architecture of Satavahana period-Sem-IILink
23Mr. Suvendu SahaA small introduction of Gupta rulers-Sem-IILink
24Mr. Suvendu SahaGupta Administration-Sem-IILink
25Mr. Suvendu SahaGupta Economy-Sem-IILink
26Mr. Suvendu SahaArt architecture and literature of Gupta Period-Sem-IILink
27Mr. Suvendu SahaCharacteristics of Cold War-Sem-VILink
28Mr. Suvendu SahaCharacteristics of the third world War-Sem-VILink
29Mr. Suvendu SahaVariuos phase of Detente-Sem-VILink
30Mr. Suvendu SahaCauses of Detente-Sem-VILink
31Mr. Suvendu SahaDownfall of Soviet Union-Sem-VILink
32Mr. Suvendu SahaRole of India in Korea Crisis-Sem-VILink
33Mr. Suvendu SahaRole of Glasnost and Perestroika-Sem-VILink
34Mr. Suvendu SahaModel question answer Set-I, Sem-VILink