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Sl.No. Faculty Name Topic Date Download
1Ms Jayati GangulyA critical Analysis of Shakespeares Sonnet no 154Link
2Dr. Trayee SinhaThe Rape of the Lock-Semester-II(Hons)Link
3Dr. Trayee SinhaFrankenstein-A novel by Mary Shelley-Post graduation-Sem-2Link
4Dr. Trayee SinhaThe Rape of the Lock-Semester-II(Hons)-pptLink
5Dr. Trayee SinhaKeats A critical survey of To Autumn and Ode on a Grecian Urn-PG-SEM-IILink
6Dr. Trayee SinhaLongfellows anti slavery attitude in The Slaves Dream - Sem VILink
7Ms Jayati GangulyThe Emperor of Ice Cream-Sem VI20-06-2020Link