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funded more than once by the University Grants Commission for the development of ICT, at present we have the infrastructure of providing personal computers to almost all of our faculty members. Besides, we also run two large computer laboratories and maintain separate computers in various academic departments, in the accounts section, in Principals office, and in the central library. The college is enabled with LAN so that different sections could stay connected with each other all the time, and the networking is also equipped with BSNL High Speed Broadband Service with seven modems functioning at different corners of the main and the annexed buildings of the college. Recently, some other personal computers including laptops with internet connections are also being generated as assets out of University Major-Minor Research Project grants. It needs to be repeated that in addition to the colleges own computer and internet resources, we have been successfully retaining an in-house computer academy on the ground floor of the main building in professional agreement with DOEACC.